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Apr. 6th, 2009 @ 06:52 am Patches
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A year ago when we moved in here, a little stray with the ears of a scottish fold and a sweet, patient temperment began coming by to be fed. He had a lung or sinus condition that caused him to wheeze all the time, and he was dirty and spotted so I called him Patches, due to his rugged and careworn appearance.

After a while, Patches just sort of moved in along with one or two other local kitties who liked us enough to get close. Since he was almost always indoors now, he cleaned himself up and the regular feedings, clean water and comfortable environment eased up much of his lung problem. His breathing, while still louder than the other cats, was much better. We was at ease.

From time to time in the last few months he'd sneak out and be gone a night or even two, coming back looking like the Patches of old. Spots of soil or whatnot in places on his coat. He'd spend a few days cleaning and be good as new. The winter saw him spending less time escaping and more time indoors, but with the warmer weather he snuck back outside a few more times.

Two weeks ago he got out for a couple of days and when he came back he was noticeably less energetic. He laid around a lot, and in the last few days, I noticed his walk was slow and his legs shaky. He moved very little.

Yesterday afternoon while I slept, he crept past the couch to the table where he liked to hide and sleep, and laying down half under the table and half on the carpet, he left us. It had only been just a couple of weeks since he'd been in my bedroom, standing on a box, craning his head out the window and calling to be let out. He was gone so quickly.

We don't know how old he was or where he lived his life prior to joining our house last year. He was a small, kind vagabond who joined us for the last year of his life. His sweet face and patient friendship will be little kitty paw shaped holes in my heart.

We love you, sweet boy.

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Marc Anthony!
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Date:April 6th, 2009 02:18 pm (UTC)
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:( Poor kit. He didn't have anything contagious, did he? might want to get your other cats checked out.
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Date:April 22nd, 2009 04:41 am (UTC)
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Sorry for the delay.

Patches got sick pretty quickly. IT took less than a week for him to go. I can't say what took him because honestly, we didn't have the money for a vet visit. None of the other cats have shown any signs of a similar problem.

Patches came to us a year ago in bad shape. I cannot say what was wrong with him even then. Basically ignorance is my refuge. I'm hoping that we extended his life by bringing him indoors. He certainly had fewer breathing problems after coming inside.

If I had the ability to save him, but didn't do it because of money, I'd be pretty horribly broken up. I'm sort of going with: He came to us sick, got better, but eventually whatever he had got the best of him.

Such a sweet boy.