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Dec. 3rd, 2008 @ 03:09 am Letter to Troy Duffy, director of Boondock Saints
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So, there is a sequel being made of the 'cult" film, 'Boondock Saints'.

I was shown the DVD last night and was incredulous. It is easily one of the top 5 worst films I've ever seen. (I don't watch bad films for lols so I'm certain it's better than anything done by Ed Woods, Roland Emmerlich and Jerry Bruckheimer, but in MY experience, it's awesomely unwatchable!)

And since it's Hollywood, and the devil is in charge, bad things will happen and with that in mind, a sequel is being made. As part of the sequelization, the Director/screenwriter, Troy Duffy is keeping a YouTube diary of production for the 700 drunk and stoned townies who will kill their grandmothers to get the 10 bucks together to catch this thing on the big screen.

Since he has made himself accessible, I sent him an e-mail which I will now ctrl-V below.

Hey Troy.

So after hearing endlessly from all my Irish friends regarding the first film, I was finally given an opportunity to watch the DVD last night.

Respectfully, I have to say that I was torn between wondering if it was doing a "Scary Movie/Leslie Nielsen" take on edgy shoot-em-ups, or if it was serious. After seeing the second and third acts go by without much actual comedy save the Dafoe re-enactment at the "armageddon shoot-out", I gathered that it was serious.

With that in mind, I can safely say that Boondock is one of the worst films I've ever seen. It is deeply derivative of previous films and stunningly deficient in anything resembling character development or an appreciable story (And I know from the reviews I've read tonight you're likely sick to the gills of hearing that critique, but I really agree with that statement.) I know to say that to the screenwriter/director is inviting enmity, but I am being honest, and I would hope you'll take it as such.

So the question is: Is the new movie being made to appease the fanbase or can you foresee anything being done in the sequel that a person who regretted seeing the first film might find appreciable in the second?

Response?? I'll update you.

Oh, and if I haven't made it crystal-fucking clear... if you value your mind, stay the HELL away from the first one. ZOMG!
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