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Oct. 16th, 2008 @ 01:29 am An open letter to Steve Perry and Journey.
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Our lives are short.

I will be 40 years of age next year. My life, for all intents and purposes will be half over, give or take some unfortunate medical circumstances, an earthquake or two and the disintegration of the American economy.

I look behind me at the youth I no longer possess and to the future of a life being the Elder Generation, with all its disappointment, missed opportunities and silent regrets. What deceits and traps lay before me? What triumphs and defeats lurk in the agenda of each new day? Only Destiny knows and his book is closed to me.

Behind me is a youth and vitality I still feel like the proximity of a lover or the phantom of a squandered opportunity.

Enmeshed irrevocably amongst those memories of a rose-tinted, yearbook youth and the bygone dreams of yesterwhen is the music that formed the dreamer, the lover and the warrior inside of me. Many such artists, bands and songwriters contributed to the person I am today, for better or worse. But as a child of Ronald Reagan's ephemeral 80's, very few can claim so evocative and tighter-than-iron hold on me than the music of one of the greatest musical phenomenons in Rock and Roll History: Journey.

Journey has had, a surprising number of front men. But even the current singer, a gentleman possessed of prodigious and evocative mimicry of previous vocalists can hold but the most feeble of light against the glorious and soul-warming flame that was a Journey led by Steve Perry.

As I said before, I am nearing my 40th year on this unfortunate and ill-conceived experiment in human evolutionary dynamism, and in but a twinkling I will be too aged to be considered of any value to the culture-at-large. Despite this impending obsolescence, the heights of Journey's musical genius occurred during a time when I was -too young- to even attend a concert by myself, let alone afford the admission.

In short, I missed my opportunity to witness with mine own two eyes, the music that shaped and informed the romantic and unfathomable soul within me.

I want that chance.

Dear Sirs. Whatever it is that lays between you; whatever ill-will, jealousies, injured egos, slighted feelings and bruised allegiances remain, stand between me and what would be a defining moment in my life.

And I ... am not alone.

I stand before you right now, a man entering middle age, with very little money, with probably even less dignity and with all the miserable, careworn and shattered expectations of a life to be, rather than a life that could-have-been and I say to you, Please. Please.

For the flame it kindled in all of us. For the spirit you shaped, for the love you gave and received, set aside for at least a while the problems and grievances you hold and stand as one on the stage together one last time.

Give me the chance to hear and see this band... MY BAND perform the songs that formed the dreamer and the believer in me. Burn one final indelible arc across the cold night sky while there's still time. We will not be here forever and these things must be done before it's too late.

Do not keep this from me. It just means too much.

...It just means too much.

Dana Broe
-Riverside, Ca.
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Date:October 16th, 2008 03:55 pm (UTC)

Open Letter to Perry and Journey

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Very well said. I completely agree with you 100%. Oh, to have one night with them all on stage together singing those timeless songs. A dream come true.
Date:October 16th, 2008 09:50 pm (UTC)

Re: Open Letter to Perry and Journey

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I had the opportunity to see Steve Perry, Neal Schon, Jonathan Cain, Steve Smith and Ross Valory perform many times at the the pinnacle of Journey's success and popularity. Each performance was an exquisite expression of musical perfection. The core of Journey's genius was Steve Perry's gifted, celestial, vocals and stage presence. It was nothing else I had ever seen or heard. Perry was always flawless...amazing.
There is NO ONE like him.

To see them together again, would be BEYOND AWESOME! I would pay ANY price and fly ANYWHERE to see the REAL Journey, if only for one more night.